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General Terms and Conditions
for Vehicle Rentals via the Internet

Thank you for reading general terms and conditions of hire (specially relative to pre payment) and click on button “I agree” to continue your reservation
By entrusting this vehicle to you NETRENT- RENT A CAR make a commitment to you, and you to them, on the contractual terms and conditions of hire set out below, subject to cause beyond control. Any deviation from these terms shall require prior consent in writing from the company.

The hire contract is made on a personal basis, and may not be transferred.
You, the hirer, means the drivers and payers mentioned in the hire contract and those signing it, who are deemed hirers.
We, the company, mean NETRENT, whose corporate name is mentioned in the hire contract.
The vehicle means a passenger car let to you for the duration agreed under the Hire Contract.
Damage shall mean any damage to the vehicle including glass damage, which shall include lenses, mirrors and lights.
Thief of the vehicle shall include vandalism, theft of accessories and attempted theft.
PORTUGAL is the only country where the vehicle may be driven, namely: continental PORTUGAL and the following territory of MADEIRA ISLAND respectively.


You are required to give us, with supporting evidence, all the essential information to draw up your hire contract and in particular your identity, address (home and e-mail) , your home telephone number, the category, place and date of issue of your driving licence, and the form of payment for your hire.
In the absence of communication of these data the request of reservation could not be validated.
Before the handing-over of the vehicle will be required one second form of identification by the production of an invoice of electricity or telephone (only fixes) of less than three months confirming your name, first name and addresses, such as you recorded them at the time of your reservation as well as your credit card, whose number will have to correspond to that you will have indicated at the time of your reservation, in order to take an authorization intended to cover in advance all the additional supplements which would not be included in your reservation and whose amount will be output automatically with the return of the vehicle in accordance with the provisions of article 5
CAUTION: In the absence of presentation of the above mentioned documents or failing to before obtain a banking authorization the handing-over of the vehicle or which you did not satisfy the requirements of hiring specified at the time of the reservation, including, amongst other things, if you informed erroneous personal information in your reservation, we would have no possibility to rent you a vehicle and the totality of the pre price paid in advance will remain sure with NETRENT- RENT A CAR
Any driver must have held for at least 12 months a currently-valid licence, corresponding to the category of vehicle hired. He or she shall also be aged over 21 (the age required may be higher for certain categories of vehicle).
For any titular driver of a driving licence since less than 36 months, the waiver in case of damages will be doubled.
CAUTION: The opening hours of the agencies are indicated on our site and are posted in the agencies. It will not be possible to withdraw or restore the vehicle rented apart from the schedules of openings


3-1 The vehicle's condition

A document describing the vehicle's condition is attached to your contract at your pickup time. You agree to put on it in writing, any apparent damage not described. If not, we shall be deemed to have delivered a vehicle complying with the statement.
We are unfortunately unable to accept claims relating to apparent damage not reported at the time of departure.
You must return the vehicle in the condition in which you received it. Any reconditioning costs caused by the hirer's misconduct shall be added to the cost of hire, subject to the terms of the section “Optional contractual waivers”.

Carriage of goods.

We wish to draw your attention to the size of utility vehicles (indicated on the “State of vehicle” document as well as inside the cabin), which requires increased attention for certain operations of control (reversing, for instance) and may make it impossible to use some road facilities (tunnels, bridges, etc.), for which the maximum headroom is signposted ahead, in accordance with the legislation.
We also have included in our Website on the webpage named ROAD INFO, some usefull information about caution on the road and the meaning of some international road signs.
CAUTION: Should you misjudge the vehicle’s dimensions, impacts to the top and bottom body-work is not covered by the damage waiver. In particular, you may not use the rental vehicle :
● for rehire;
● for carrying passengers for hire or reward ;
● to carry a number of persons in excess of that mentioned on the vehicle's registration certificate ;
● to take part in rallies, contests, or trials, wherever located ;
● to give driving lessons ;
● to push or tow another vehicle
● on roads unfit for motor vehicles, or the surface or condition of which involve risks for the tires or parts under the vehicle ;
● To commit an intentional offense.
The goods and baggage carried in the vehicle, including their packaging and fastening, shall not damage the vehicle or cause unreasonable risks for its occupants.
When you park the vehicle, even for a short stop, you undertake to lock the vehicle and to use the alarm and/or anti-theft devices fitted to the vehicle.
You should never leave the car unoccupied with the keys in the ignition. If the keys are not returned, this will entail invalidation of the Theft cover.

In the event of damage or theft, you must forward to the NETRENT company as soon as possible the accident report or receipt of theft report issued by the authorities, together with the vehicle's keys and documents.
CAUTION : A failure with the rules, mentioned above will generate the invoicing of the vehicle
Article 3-2 lists minimum obligations to be observed during your custody of the vehicle.

3-3 Maintenance - Mechanical problems

During your hire and according to the mileage run, you will be required to perform customary inspections (oil level in excess of 1,000 kilometres, tyre pressure, etc.) in accordance with reasonable and prudent use. The hirer shall remain alert to any signal from the warning lights on the vehicle's dashboard, and shall take any necessary protective action, such as an emergency stop.
The vehicle is provided to you with five tyres (or alternative four tyres) in a condition meeting the traffic-legislation requirements. In the event of damage to one of them otherwise than by ordinary wear and tear, latent defect, you undertake to replace it immediately at your own expense with a tyre of the same size, type, brand and wear.
In the event of mechanical breakdown or accident, you are provided with an assistance service, included in the price of the hire. The terms of this assistance are set out in the article 8 hereafter “Insurances, Assistance Conditions and Useful Advice”
If the milometer has not run for a reason other than technical malfunction, the hirer shall pay for mileage on the basis of 500 kilometres per day.
CAUTION: NETRENT- RENT A CAR is not committed providing you a car of a particular type nor of a specific colour and reserves the right to carry out modifications if necessary


4-1 Definition and computation

The tenant commits himself returning the vehicle with the hirer out at the day and the hour envisaged with the rental agreement under penalty of exposing himself to civil and penal legal proceedings with the invoicing of expenses of contractual delay of 30 € including taxes as soon as the hour of return envisaged to the contract is exceeded, then, beyond 24 hours of delay, 40€ including taxes by 24 hours overtime until the return of the vehicle.
CAUTION: The term of a rental agreement is 30 maximum days, without any possible prolongation
CAUTION: There is no refunding amount for hiring shorter than the duration envisaged in the reservation


The rental agreement ends in the restitution of the vehicle, its keys and its papers to the counter of the hirer out, with an agent NETRENT- RENT A CAR in uniform. In no event will you return the keys to persons present on the car parks and claiming to be NETRENT- RENT A CAR agents
The tenant commit himself returning the vehicle with the clean hirer out internally and outside under penalty of exposing itself to the invoicing of expenses of contractual cleaning of 20€ including taxes for all categories of vehicle. The cleanliness of the car will be given during the inspection of the vehicle who will be led in your presence by an agent NETRENT- RENT A CAR.
The vehicle is provided to you without the full tank of fuel but with sufficiently of fuel not to be on the reserve and you must restore it in the same state. If the restored vehicle is on the reserve (indicator of the lit gauge), of the contractual expenses
If the returned vehicle is on the reserve (fuel indicator lit), you’ll be invoiced of a contractual expenses for "service gasoline" of 20€ including taxes.
We invite you to attend the inspection of the vehicle at the time of its restitution and to countersign with one of our agents the survey before leaving, so as to note any damage jointly and avoiding any nuisance with the two parts. If however you decide to leave the car park and not to await the inspection, it will be asked to you to sign the form of inspection by advance, materializing your agreement so that we carried out the inspection of the vehicle in your absence and consequently, if a damage is noted on your vehicle, if the vehicle is not clean, if the gauge is on the reserve, if allocated mileage is exceeded, we will proceed with the invoicing of the supplements corresponding in accordance with the provisions of article 5
On the assumption that the vehicle would be returned without its keys a flat-rate amount of 100 € Including all taxes will be invoiced to you, like, if it is necessary, the expenses of repatriation of the vehicle in accordance with the provisions of article 5
NETRENT- RENT A CAR can in no way held being responsible for the goods which would have been forgotten in the vehicles at the end of the hiring
CAUTION: Only the taking possession of the vehicle, the documents and the keys by the agent, the opening hours of the agency concerned, make it possible to end to the rental agreement
Recall: your responsibility is committed until the end of the rental agreement
Exceptions: in the event of confiscation or of setting under seals of the vehicle, the rental agreement could be automatically cancelled as soon as the hirer out is informed by the legal authorities or the tenant
Any use of the vehicle which would carry damage to the hirer out would authorize this one automatically to cancel the rental.
In the event of theft, the rental agreement is stopped as of transmission to the hirer out of the deposit of complaint carried out by the tenant near the legal authorities



The prices applicable to the hire, supplementary services, and optional waivers or insurance shall be those in force at the time of the reservation signature, and based on the information you have provided (duration, return station, etc.).
The agreed upon rental price shall be due for payment upon execution of the contract. NETRENT- RENT A CAR accepts only credit cards for payment. Potential additionally incurred costs, for ex. for the billing of excess mileage or days shall be due for payment upon return of the vehicle and shall also be charged to the renter’s credit card.
The prices for additional expenses shall be billed pursuant to the applicable price list posted at the stations.
The same valid credit card must be presented at counter NETRENT- RENT A CAR before the rental out of the vehicle, whose number will have to be the same as the one noted on the reservation in order obtain a security deposit intended to cover in advance all the additional supplements which would not be included in your reservation and whose amount will be output automatically with the return of the vehicle
The tenant accepts right now the flow on the bank account corresponding to the credit card presented of the amount of the non-reimbursable excess charge amount and all other expenses and supplement, in particular in the event of damage (S) or of flight of the rented vehicle.
Hirers shall be jointly liable for the cost of hire.
The hirer explicitly agrees that failure to make a single payment when due or delinquency shall entail immediate maturity of all outstanding bills, and entitle the company to claim immediate return of vehicles currently hired.

5-2 Deposit

The amount of the deposit shall depend on the category of vehicle hired and on the supplementary waivers taken out. It is intended to cover any loss incurred by the Company as a result of damage to or theft of the vehicle.
If the hirer has not taken out the optional contractual waivers (damage and/or theft), the deposit shall amount to the hirers' maximum liability, according to the category of vehicle made available.
If the hirer has taken out the optional contractual waivers for damage (CDW mentioned or ticked on the contract) or theft (LDW mentioned or ticked on the contract), only a deposit equal to the non-reimbursable excess charge amount to be borne by
the hirer in the event of theft or damage will be required. The deposit shall accrue to the company in the event of damage caused by the hirer or theft of the vehicle (subject to the contractual waivers specified below), to the extent of the damage suffered.
If there is no damage and/or theft, the deposit actually paid shall be refunded at the end of the hire, subject to the 21-day cashing period for checks.

5-3 Foreign exchange conversion of payment

The renter who elects to pay at the start of the rental with a credit card issued in a non euro billing currency has the choice of paying either in Euro or in his credit card billing currency.
This choice may be amended by the renter at the time of check in, when requesting a printed invoice, otherwise the check out choice is considered final.
If the Renter elects to pay in the credit card billing currency the final charged amount (inclusive of all taxes) of the rental will be converted at the rate of exchange determined by the Interbank Card schemes, aggregated for the day, plus a commission of 2,75%.
If for whatever reason the conversion is unable to process the currency conversion, the transaction will be submitted in Euro.


The scale of refunding is calculated compared to the reserved starting date:
You can cancel your reservation after obtaining the confirmation. Any cancellation must be carried out on the site, heading my account, and will take fixed day bill and per hour to which cancellation was recorded in the information processing system of NETRENT- RENT A CAR
The confirmation of cancellation will be sent by mail to the customer
The amount of the reservation being the subject of the prepayment will be refunded under deduction of expenses of cancellation calculated according to the following scale
More than 31 days before the date departure: 10% of expenses
From 31 to 8 days before the date departure: 20% of expenses
From 7 to 3 days before the date departure: 30%
Of 2 day old expenses to 1 day: 80% of expenses
Starting date: 100% of expenses
No refunding will be due if the customer does not rent the vehicle at the date and the reserved hour and if it omitted to informNETRENT- RENT A CAR of them on the site No refunding will be due either if the security deposit which must be reserved on your credit card is not obtained at the time of the rental out of the vehicle
CAUTION: In the event of refunding, that one will occur at the latest in the 30 days following the date on which cancellation was recorded in the information processing system of NETRENT- RENT A CAR

You are responsible for the vehicle in your custody.
Accordingly, in the event of theft of the vehicle or damage to it for which you are responsible, or in the absence of any liability of a Third Party, you shall indemnify the company for the damage actually suffered (cost of repairs, market value of the vehicle, immobilization costs, administrative costs, etc.).
Upon the end of the hire, in the event of damage or theft, you shall be charged an amount equivalent to the non-waivable amount (see art 7-1). If the amount of damage to the company exceeds that amount, you shall be billed for the difference.
If the damage to the company is mitigated (vehicle recovered within 60 days, contributory or complete liability of a third party, etc.), the hirer(s) shall be reimbursed to the extent of that mitigation.
This liability shall be limited if you have taken out the “limited liability” waivers for damage or theft specified under Article 7.


If you chose a tariff including the contractual guarantees in the event of damage and of theft of the rented vehicle ("LDW" mentioned or noticed on the contract), your responsibility is reduced to the amount for the non-reimbursable (FNR) amount fixes which will be invoiced to you by disaster in the event of damage or theft
Non-reimbursable excess amount are:
1200 € including all taxes in the event of damage This amount will be invoiced for each incident.
The liability damage waiver is 2400 € including all taxes when the driving licence is held for less than 36 months
1500 € including all taxes in case of theft
If the actual damage amount incurred by the Company is lower than this amount, you will be charged the lower of the two.
If you bear no responsibility whatsoever, and upon refund from the liable third party, the amount charged will be refunded to you in full.


Drivers not specified in the hire contract, for whom the hirer shall remain liable, are not entitled to the benefit of the collision damage or theft waivers (LDW) for the vehicle.
These guarantees can be applied only in Continental Portugal and throughout hiring period.
Failure to comply with any of the terms explicity set out under Articles 2, 3-2 or 4-2 hereof shall cause the contractual waivers taken out to be voided. The hirer or hirers shall then be liable for the full cost of claim in accordance with generally-applicable law governing liability


In accordance with the R.211-4 article of the code of consumption the legal guarantee applies against all the consequences of the hidden defects of the rendered service”


All our vehicles are covered by a “Third-Party Liability” policy in accordance with the legislation in force.
CAUTION These guaranties can be applied only in Continental Portugal ( article 1) 
You are required to respect general condition of hiring relative to the control of the vehicle, in particular those mentioned and within rules defined in article 3...
On the other hand, if the responsibility for the driver is committed, the insurance company is in law to exert a recourse on his behalf or ours, against the aforementioned driver and/or the tenant of the vehicle.

8-2 general conditions for assistance and breakdown service

You profit, throughout your hiring agreed with NETRENT- RENT A CAR without additional charge of a minimum service of Breakdown service and Assistance, dependent on the use of the vehicle, in the event of mechanical breakdown only.



The contract's image shall be stored on a physically unalterable medium. The parties agree that this image shall have the legal validity of an original document.


The Courts at the location of the company's principal office shall have jurisdiction, to the extent permitted
by law, over any dispute among trades people arising out of this agreement and which cannot be settled

In order to exercise your right of access or correction, or in order to object to disclosure of your personal data particularly to other commercial companies, you may mailed to
“I hereby acknowledge being fully aware of the terms and conditions indicated in this document (front and back page), with which I promise to comply“.

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