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How do I pay?

You can pay with the most common credit cards like Visa and Master card.
When you make a reservation you will pay a small percentage fee (20 %).
A down payment will be made from your credit card - 20 %
Please make sure that the amount for the down-payment is available on your account.
The outstanding balance has to be paid with a credit/debit card or cash in the name of the driver upon delivery of your car - any of our locations.
As NETRENT is located in a Euro country the reservation fee and the down payment will be made in Euro.

Will all my personal data be safe?

NETRENT does not automatically capture CREDIT CARD NUMBERS from online customers.
The only personal data we may collect from you is specific personal information such as your name etc. This specific information is used to improve the level of our service and functionality online, and is not shared with any other company or business partner.
As with most companies NETRENT will analyze the volume and frequency of traffic to and from our website. We only use this information to find out which areas of the Website that are accessed most frequently, and identify any problems with site navigation and the functionality of the website.
All transferred data are encrypted. Please see the security certificate on our web page.

How can I book a car?

Just follow the easy steps on the Main Page or at Start Booking page. Choose your car, region, location, date and time and you will immediately see the cars that are available for the period you have requested.
In the next step you will have the opportunity to select from the available extra equipment,SCDW Super insurance and service options.
When you have finished the selection of car and extras you will come to the order confirmation page.
You will there have to accept our terms and conditions and provide necessary personal data.
To confirm your order you will pay a small percentage 20 %.
When your reservation fee is approved you will get an online link to your Voucher with all reservations order details
As soon as the car rental company has confirmed your booking the down-payment will be captured and the final confirmation/voucher will be sent through e-mail.
Make sure that the e-mail address you enter is correct and that the amount for the down-payment is available on your correct.
Normally you will receive the voucher in seconds.This Voucher is for delivery at NETRENT branche.

All Local taxes and VAT.

What is a CDW fully comprehensive insurance?

The fully comprehensive insurance (CDW – collision damage waver) covers any damage of the rental car that has been caused by the renting person itself for which third parties are not liable. There will be no coverage in cases of for example:
-intentional actions by the client (e.g. attempt of insurance fraud)
-or gross negligence (e.g. while intoxicated [alcohol, drugs/narcotics])

What is meant by deductible/excess?
Deductible/excess is the amount for which the renting person is responsible in case of damages to the rented car caused by himself.

What is covered by the third party insurance?
- Third party bodily injuries. In many countries the third party insurance covers also passengers (in the rented car) except driver. Please see the "Local Terms and Conditions" for more information.
- Third party property damages.
The insurance amounts are according to the insurance rules in each counrty.
What is covered by the insurance against theft (TP)?
The insurance against car theft covers the theft of the vehicle but not the luggage or valuable property inside the vehicle.
PAI-what is that?
PAI means Personal Accident Insurance and is an extra available insurance in most locations which covers the driver of the rented car for injuries up to a limited amount. Most people have already enough coverage in their travel insurance and it is not really necessary to buy also the PAI.
What is FDW?
FDW is Full Damage Waiver which reduces the excess amount the renting person might have to pay for collision damages. FDW is included at most destinations.
Please note! The FDW does not cover damages on wheels, tires, underside of the car, glass and damages caused willfully or carelessly. Please see more information in the "Local Terms and Conditions" for your destination.
What is WUG?
WUG is an extra insurance for damages on Wheels/ Underside and Glass. Please note that WUG is not available in all destinations.
For more information about insurances, please see the "Local Terms and Conditions" on your location.
The amount of any excess and the insurance coverage will be made clear from the "Local Terms and Conditions" on your location.

Can I book my favorite make of car?

We will make every effort to reserve a specific type of vehicle, but we are unable to guarantee a particular make, model or fuel of car.
Reservations can only be confirmed according to vehicle categories and not according to the car model. The named cars serve as typical examples for the size and performance of a vehicle category.
The local car rental partner on site reserves the right of procuring a vehicle of a higher category whenever the booked vehicle category should not be available. If you have booked a prestige car, the specific car booked is guaranteed. .

Can I get my car in the middle of the night?

Yes, in most locations cars can be supplied out of normal working hours. However, there may be an additional charge for this which you will see when you fill in the booking details.
How will I get my car?
You will find detailed information about how to get your car with the voucher.
The usual delivery alternatives at airports are:
-car rental company desk at airport.
-a representative will meet you with your name on a sign and the car will be at the airport/port etc.
-a shuttle bus will bring you to the nearest rental station and you will get the car there.
When picking up your car at the hotel, the car will be delivered or a shuttle bus will bring you to the nearest rental station.
Collection is normally at the airport or local office. .


How old must I be to rent a car?

In most countries the minimum age of the driver is 21years. Higher vehicle categories may require higher age.
You will see the age limits on the page with available cars.
In some countries paying an additional fee may reduce the minimum age.

Detailed information will be found under the "Local Terms and Conditions".

Can I rent a car when I have only had the driving license for 3 months?
No, all drivers must produce a full driving license held for at least one year.
In certain locations and for some car types, drivers must have held a full license for a minimum of 5 years.
Detailed information will be found under the "Local Terms and Conditions".

What happens if I have to change or cancel my booking?

If you have to change your booking you must make it through the customer log in page.
You enter your e-mail address and booking reference number and then you will see your booking. In the remarks field you will write the changes you want to make. You need a confirmation also of the amendment you have made. Please note that an extra cost might apply if your amendment should involve additional charge for i.e. out of hour service, but there is no additional cost for the amendment itself if we have the amendment minimum 5 days prior to arrival.
Should you need to cancel your booking you also have to go through the customer log in page and the procedure is the same as for amendments. For cancellations latest 5 days (120 hours) prior to arrival there will be no charge and your down payment will be refunded. If it less than 5 days (120 hours) prior to arrival your down payment- with a maximum of 50 euro-will be kept by NETRENT to compensate the car rental companies.
Please note that the reservation fee (2 euro) always will be kept by NETRENT when an order is confirmed.
Cancellations/ Amendments after the starting of the rental period will be handled locally by the car rental partner on your destination. NETRENT is not responsible for the changes in pricing that might occur.
No refunds will be made for no-shows at destination or failure to produce relevant documents including driving license, early returns or cancellations after the hire start date.
There are normally no refunds for any unused rental days, but it is up to the car rental company to decide if any refund can be made.


What is included in the price?

The NETRENT price includes:

- Third party insurance.
- VAT and all local taxes.

How can I pick up my rental car?

Our car rental provider will wait for you at the airport desk, in the port, in our office or in the reception of your hotel according to the choices you have made.
Many car rental companies use “Shuttle Service” to take you to the rental station.
Detailed information about how to pick up your car you will find on your confirmation/voucher.

Are one way rentals possible?

When you have selected delivery location you will in the next step see the drop off locations that are available and the cost will show in the next step..


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